Lady Time

I am a lady, after all. I wanna be with you at <3

This little corner has a lot of good energy running through it this morning ✨ #fresno #plants #pasadena (at plantsparty)

Friday I’m in love 💗👑💗

The @limecrimemakeup offices are perfect for every activity, especially nap-dreaming if you have @doedeere to rest on 💭💤

@alexwrekk is a woman I’ve admired for years. She’s got an unwavering DIY ethic and her efforts have extended to tons of people. She’s a true bad ass. I was so happy to spend some time with her and her partner in her zine shop, @portlandbuttonworks. So much good stuff in that rad little place! Alex, thanks for your sweetness and for drawing me a map. I might use it in a zine! 👭💕

Portland! You can now get #DontHideBehindYourSkirt (my zine about growing up with an abusive father, my mother’s passing, and my search for a girl gang) at the wonderful @portlandbuttonworks and @reading_frenzy. I adore both of these places so much and am so happy to be stocked there!

Los Angeles folks: find it at @pophop and @skylightbooks.

You can also get this zine on my website, Let me know you’re a friend from Instagram and I’ll pack some extra goodies in your order. 💕

@dollskill made the shoes of my dreams!!! Plotzing like a hurricane! 💗💗💗 I don’t want to look them up because I don’t want to be disappointed if they’re made of animal skin. 😕 (at Pinkberry Pasadena)

Nothing like a Portland stop and stroll 💙

@thepasadenagentleman digs around record stores the same way I dig around thrift stores. While he’s digging, I’ll usually explore the neighborhood or draw or catch up with a friend.

I can’t wait to hear what @thepasadenagentleman picked up.


Never say no to a photo booth 👭❤️ #love #girls #xoxo2014

Took this picture with one hand and held coffee with the other 📷💕📔 #zines #love #portland (at Portland Zine Symposium)

Pretty impressed with the beautiful printing on the tags at #xoxofestival. I might actually keep these! 💖👌🍁 #love #art #portland (at XOXO Festival)

Can’t wait to see dear @papersledgehammer this weekend in Portland! When we lived in the same area we spent so much time trolling around in thrift stores looking for treasures, paging through books, sharing ideas. So happy that @jemerling took this photo of us so long ago. What a lovely, sincere slice of what the best parts of our friendship has been. 👭⭐️ #girls #love #fresno

@kateannedurbin and I drank Italian soda and tea in coincidently coordinating Romeo and Juliet themed t’s. Reason #1573 why she’s the Stacey McGill to my Claudia Kishi. 💕 #montague #cute #girls (at Shakespeare In The Park-Griffith Park)

All day everyday 💖💗💕 #pink #pinkhair #nevergetenoughpink (at PinkRose)